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Panacea Global Hair Transplant is one of the most trusted names when it comes to the Best Hair Transplant in Delhi at an affordable cost under the guidance of world’s renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Praful Wadhwa with successful results! We are privileged for doing more than 10,000 successful hair transplant surgeries with a total of more than 35 million grafts implanted. We strongly believe in affordable cost & committed to deliver the best possible result! Our clinics are located in Delhi. Panacea Global hair transplant clinic is one of a kind clinic popular for its world class services and budget friendly hair loss treatment. We provide cutting edge technology with advanced techniques to offer you wonderful outcomes following hair transplant.

What is the Hair Transplant Cost in India?

The cost of hair transplant in India depends on several factors which are associated with the procedure. The most important deciding factor for hair transplant cost is the number of hair grafts required to cover the bald area. Each hair graft for hair transplant probably costs from 40 – 120 INR which varies according to the credibility of the clinic and the hair transplant surgeon including clinic location.

When we think of a hair transplant surgery, hair transplant cost is the first thing which comes to our mind, especially when we take FUE hair transplant cost into consideration. Nowadays, numerous hair transplant clinics offer cheap hair transplant costs and people go for them without knowing the end-result of the procedure. For instance, Hair transplant costs in Delhi. But very few hair restoration clinics have an in-house and experienced plastic & cosmetic surgeon, who is committed to delivering the best hair transplant results at an affordable FUE cost.

Factors that affect the Hair Transplant Cost in India

The hair transplant cost may vary, depending on various factors such as –

The number of grafts required-

The hair transplant cost is highly dependent on the number of grafts required to promote a maximum coverage to the bald area.

Dr. Praful Wadhwa is greatly revered for having exemplary artistic sense and comprehensive surgical experience. He is popular among people looking for Hair transplant surgery globally. His scientifically based techniques for excellence in patient outcomes in Hair transplant have attracted celebrities and foreigners to be transformed at these centers. Dr. Praful Wadhwa specializes in FUT/ Strip, FUE, BHT (body hair transplantation), eyebrow transplantation, scar revisions, beard and mustache reconstruction, and repair hair transplant in Delhi.

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